Insect Control / Ant Control Auburn GA

A complete lawn care and landscape care program entails more than just water, fertilizer, and even weed control. Your outdoors serves more purposes than just to look good. It is also a part of your living space. So, not only must your grass and plants be guarded against pests, but human and animal residents of the home must also be protected. In the vicinity of Auburn, Georgia, Rivermoore Landscape Group has demonstrated the ability to effectively repel the many varieties of insects and ants from your home and outdoors. We stay abreast of the latest and best products, and our experienced staff knows how to find and drive away these pests, making a day outdoors far more pleasant, and keep your lawn and plants healthy and intact.

Fire Ant Control
Fire ants are very resourceful. They will quickly make mounds in your landscape, and will fiercely defend their colonies. Unfortunately, they also carry a painful sting. The staff at Rivermoore Landscape Group utilizes a product known as Topchoice, designed and manufactured by the reputable chemical giant Bayer. We keep our costs competitive by knowing how much chemical will be necessary, and will not overuse. Our treatment is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of application.

Flea and Tick Control
Fleas and ticks can cause diseases, as well as painful and irritating bites to humans and pets. If your property has an outdoor infestation, there is a good chance they have also made their way into your home. Unlike ants, they do not just bite or sting, but cling to their host – be it person or pet. Ridding your property of fleas and ticks should be done by professionals. If you have pets, they should be sprayed at the same time we do the initial treatment. Your indoors should also be treated. For preexisting infestations, two removal treatments are ideal, two to four weeks apart. In our four-round annual prevention program, each of our treatments are guaranteed for 30 days.

Grub and Lawn Insect Control
Not every bug pest is immediately visible. Some do not attack from above, but from beneath the soil. Grubs are larval beetles that feed on the roots of your grass. Symptoms of grubs are large patches of brown or thin spots in your yard. Other lawn insects that make a home in your grass are also often hard to detect until they have firmly established themselves and become numerous, because they are rather adept at hiding. Rivermoore Landscape Group’s grub control applications are guaranteed for six months per treatment.

Outdoor Perimeter Pest Control
It may be cliché, but it is absolutely true. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Some insects do not confine themselves to your outdoors, but seek to make a home inside your home. Because they are so small, it does not take a lot of space for them to find their way in. Our technicians will spray an invisible barrier eight to ten feet around your house, repelling these potential invaders.

Contact Us
The only thing standing between you and a property with a drastically reduced number of pests is a phone call or email to Rivermoore Landscape Group. Whatever insect pests you have, we can drive away, as well as take effective measures of prevention. We have made a name for ourselves in the few years that we have been in operation, and look forward to providing even more residents of Auburn and the surrounding area with the most reliable insect control measures. Contact us today for more information.