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Complete Lawn Care

A complete lawn care and landscape care program entails more than just water, fertilizer, and even weed control. Your outdoors serves more purposes than just to look good. It is also a part of your living space. So, not only must your grass and plants be guarded against pests, but human and animal residents of the home must also be protected. In the vicinity of Auburn, Georgia, Rivermoore Lawn Care has demonstrated the ability to effectively repel the many varieties of insects and ants from your home and outdoors. We stay on top of the latest and best products, and our experienced staff knows how to find and drive away these pests, making a day outdoors far more pleasant, and keep your lawn and plants healthy and intact.

Fire Ant Control

Millions of people get stung every year!

Rivermoore Lawn Care only uses the number one product to control fire ants. We protect your landscape with Topchoice. Developed and backed by Bayer science, the same company you trust to care for your family’s health, Topchoice uses the lowest dose of pesticide required to provide effective, year long control. You can relax knowing that you’re responsibly protecting your family and pets from the threat of fire ants.

  • One application controls fire ants for up to a full year
  • Kills existing fire ants and the queen
  • Prevents new fire ants from invading
  • Eliminates fire ant mounds even in hard-to-reach places like under sidewalks and driveways
  • Also provides limited control of nuisance insects such as fleas, ticks and mole crickets

Grub Control

Not every bug pest is immediately visible. Some do not attack from above, but from beneath the soil. Grubs are larval beetles that feed on the roots of your grass. Symptoms of grubs are large patches of brown or thin spots in your yard. Other lawn insects that make a home in your grass are also often hard to detect until they have firmly established themselves and become numerous, because they are rather adept at hiding. Rivermoore Landscape Group’s grub control applications are guaranteed for six months per treatment.

Flea & Tick Control

Fleas are blood-sucking insects which cause great pain and discomfort. They are also carriers of many diseases. Ticks are parasites of warm-blooded animals including humans. Ticks can drain away the vitality and vigor of the animal they attack and they are also known to spread and carry serious diseases. Fleas and ticks can be controlled with proper treatment.

If you have a heavy infestation of fleas and/or ticks, ridding your pets and property of these irritating insects is a little more complex than one simple treatment of your lawn. With heavy infestation, it is recommended that on the same day your lawn is treated initially, you should also have your pets sprayed, dusted or dipped as well as have your house treated indoors.

Rivermoore Lawn Care offers an outdoor flea and tick control treatment. For best results, two treatments spaced two or four weeks apart are recommended. We also offer a four step program to prevent fleas and ticks throughout the year.

Perimeter Pest Control

Rivermoore Lawn Care’s Outdoor Perimeter Pest Control program protects your living space from invading insects with our regularly scheduled outdoor treatments to the perimeter of your home.

The four round program treats an 8′ – 10′ wide band around your entire house. We will treat all areas within this band including grass, mulched beds, etc.

This program is designed to keep insects outside your home. This is a great way to control insects without having insecticides inside your house where you eat, sleep, and your children and pets play.

Lawn Insect Control

There are more than a few turf damaging insects in Georgia that can cause grass to yellow, brown, or even die, especially if the grass is already stressed. Damage usually begins in scattered small patches, which may merge into large dead areas.

Insects that do infest lawns are often difficult to observe and their presence may go undetected unless careful observation is made during the growing season. Most homeowners overlook insect dame as it is easily mistaken for other problems such as drought damage or dog urine burn.

Rivermoore Lawn Care’s professional staff is trained to look for and identify specific lawn insects found here in Georgia. In most cases, we can prevent extensive lawn insect damage before it even occurs.


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The importance of aerating your lawn at least once per year should not be underestimated. The lawn fertilizer and water applied to your yard does far more good the easier it is to penetrate and get to the roots. If you have property anywhere in the surrounding area of Auburn, Rivermoore Lawn Care can guarantee an effective, uniform aeration job every single year. The best service at an affordable price means you always get the better end of the deal. Give us a call or email us for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

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