Lawn Aeration & Overseeding Auburn GA

The task of lawn aeration is often overlooked by many property owners. Many people have only a passing awareness of it. However, it is among the most important jobs in an effective lawn care program. It is what helps enable the roots of your grass to absorb nutrients and water that it is fed. This job is best done during the growing season. This precedes the laying down of new seed, particularly for fescue lawns. For home and business owners in the Auburn area, Rivermoore Landscape Group will be happy to bring this about. Our experienced and capable staff is supplied with the most reputable aeration and seeding equipment in order to render the best service possible.

Why is Aeration Necessary?
As time wears on, your soil will eventually become compacted due to factors such as traffic and rainfall. When your dirt is packed tightly, it is more difficult for roots to deepen and spread. It is also more difficult for water and fertilizer to penetrate through deeply enough to get to the roots. A significant percentage of it will end up running off onto the driveway and walkways. Your soil needs to be periodically loosened for easier permeation.

Benefits of Aeration
There are two main types of aeration. There is spike aeration, and core aeration. Spike aeration is just like it sounds – making holes in the soil via stabbing with spikes. Core aeration involves the removal of plugs of soil from the ground and leaving the removed dirt to settle on top of the grass. At Rivermoore Landscape Group, we opt to use core aeration. With spike aeration, while room is being made where the holes are, it also pushes the displaced soil to either side, potentially making it more compact in those places. The strategy of removing plugs with core aeration will allow the soil to fall back together more loosely, and the plugs to lightly disperse on top. This provides a very uniform loosening of the yard.

Immediately after your soil is aerated, the holes will immediately be filled with oxygen. Even before the next watering and fertilization application, root growth will be stimulated. Oxygen enables the nutrients and water to become more mobile. It also increases the speed of decomposition for existing thatch.

In addition, the plugs that are removed will also contain beneficial microorganisms. When the removed soil settles back on top, so will these microorganisms. What these small friends of ours do is reduce the development of thatch. This has the effect of enabling deeper root growth and easier spread.

The perfect time to plant new seed is immediately after the lawn is aerated. When holes are fresh, the seed will fall right in, and will be covered as the dirt spreads back together. This will greatly increase the density of your lawn. A lawn with dense grass will be naturally more resistant to weed growth, as there will be less room for them to plant themselves.

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The importance of aerating your lawn at least once per year should not be underestimated. The lawn fertilizer and water applied to your yard does far more good the easier it is to penetrate and get to the roots. If you have property anywhere in the surrounding area of Auburn, Rivermoore Landscape Group can guarantee an effective, uniform aeration job every single year. The best service at an affordable price means you always get the better end of the deal. Give us a call or email us for more information, or to schedule an appointment.