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Since Rivermoore Landscape Group opened its doors, it did not take long for us to expand our services into multiple cities, and even counties. When a service is this good, word travels fast. The residents of neighboring Jackson County, and the small city of Hoschton, have heard of our great capabilities. They know we provide first rate lawn care and plant care services, and also have a sense of community. We have run a “Say no to drugs” radio campaign whose coverage included Hoschton. The city prides itself on its reputation as a friendly place to call home. Rivermoore Landscape Group is determined to help Hoschton maintain that reputation by making each property we service reach its true potential.

The history of this city dates back to the late 19th century. As the Gainesville, Jefferson, and Southern Railroad began to progress towards the area, J.R. and R.A. Hosch established this settlement in 1881 with the idea of influencing the railroad company to run it through their area. Fortunately for their investment of time and money, the idea worked, and the railroad greatly enhanced commerce between the new settlement and surrounding towns and cities. In short order the town square, a school, church, and streets were built. Exactly one decade later, in 1891, the city became officially incorporated.

Today, Hoschton covers 2.4 square miles, all of which is land. As of the 2010 census, it reported a residency of 1,377 people. A 2015 estimate puts the population at 1,433. Since the 1980 census, Hoschton has grown by no less than 28.7 percent each decade. Overall, its county has also undergone sustained expansion, the kind that Rivermoore Landscape Group has also experienced since we came into being.

The city of Hoschton does not have its own independent school system. Rather, its public school children attend the Jackson County Schools System. The district consists of seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools.

Business and Economy
For a town with under 1,500 residents, Hoschton has a significant number of businesses. The vast majority of them have something in common with Rivermoore Landscape Group – they are individually owned and non-corporate. Services such as attorneys, drywall, and auto repair to retail operations such as clothing boutiques, medicine, both pharmaceutical and holistic, and a decent selection of restaurants.

Hoschton hosts many events throughout the year, averaging more than one per month. The largest annual event hosted here is the Fall Festival. Put on each September, it features a cook off, arts and crafts, games, food vendors from the city and surrounding areas, and a parade.

Recreation and Attractions
The original train depot in the city not only still stands today, but flourishes. Though the train service is long gone, having concluded in 1947, the depot gets plenty of use. With its striking interior, it is a popular rental place for weddings, large parties, and business meetings.

The city of Hoschton also has its share of recreational parks. West Jackson Park is geared towards little league sports, though it also has a playground, two pavilions, a trail, and picnic area. The majority of the park is made up of its four baseball/softball, and t-ball field, along with the amenities – bathrooms and a concession area.

Sell’s Mill Park is built around a historic mill used to process corn, bread, as well as serving as an electrical supplier. There are no sports fields here; this park is focused on passive recreation as well as informal exercise. It has trails, a pavilion, picnic area, playground, bathrooms, and the mill building.