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A lawn and landscape that is well cared for can have a considerable effect on your property value. In order to get the best results, it is important to provide the right amount of food and water, as well as weed control products that will eliminate floral pests without harming anything beneficial. In the region of Auburn, Georgia, Rivermoore Landscape Group has repeatedly demonstrated that we are the most qualified lawn treatment and plant health care service. In a relatively short time, we have become a lawn and plant care service leader in this area. With our continued research and training, we are constantly updating our products, as well as our staff learning new information.

The Lawn Care Program
Our lawn care program is executed in eight rounds throughout the year, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The benefit of this service is providing your lawn with the correct amount of fertilizer and micronutrients to boost and maintain your lawn’s health year-round. Weed control products are used to eliminate the unwanted pests while not harming humans or pets.
     • First round – Pre-emergent weed control for Bermuda and zoysia grasses. Fescue will also receive its first fertilization treatment.

     • Second round – Bermuda, zoysia, and fescue grasses all receive a slow-release fertilizer and another pre-emergent weed control application.

     • Third round – Fertilizer is applied to all species of grass, and weed control only if necessary. In addition, your grass will receive iron to deepen the green color       of your turf.

     • Fourth round – More slow-release fertilizer and iron for all grass species. Weed control if necessary.

     • Fifth round – Bermuda and zoysia species are treated with more slow-release fertilizer, along with weed control on an as-needed basis. Fescue grass will get          an application of limestone to enable better nutrient absorption.

     • Sixth round – Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control along with root zone fertilization is applied to Bermuda and zoysia species. Fescue yards will get       an application of micronutrients to enable seeding. Aeration is best done at this point.

     • Seventh round – Bermuda and zoysia species receive more pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control along with root zone fertilization. A fertilization              application will also be given to fescue turf.

     • Eighth round– Limestone will be applied to Bermuda and zoysia turf. Fescue grass will get micronutrient fertilizer to stimulate growth of new seed.

The Plant Health Care Program
Rivermoore Landscape Group’s plant health care program is completed in seven rounds throughout the year. Our goal is to provide your plants with needed nutrients while guarding them against disease and insect pests using the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system.
     • First round – Your plants will receive an application of horticultural oil. This will smother eggs and any adults who managed to burrow into your plants for the            winter.

     • Second through sixth rounds – Your trees and ornamental shrubs will receive micronutrients to complement the water and natural nutrition the soil provides for        maximum health. We use the technique of Integrated Pest Management to control the number of insects to an acceptable level, where they will not be a                threat to your plant life.

     • Seventh round – Another treatment of horticultural oil is provided to prevent insects from burrowing inside for the next winter, or laying their eggs.

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