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Sugar Hill is one of the two northernmost cities in Gwinnett County, and the fourth largest. The people of this county represent the largest portion of the customer base of Rivermoore Landscape Group, and our clientele roster is growing at as fast a pace as the county, and Sugar Hill. Word about our excellent landscaping and lawn care services are reaching every end of this county, and every end of this city. No matter what type of grass, or plants you have on your property, residents of Sugar Hill are increasingly aware that we can be counted on to keep them healthy and eye-catching.

Sugar Hill is a newer town than most in Gwinnett County and the surrounding region. The area was quickly founded by the Georgia state assembly and incorporated all in the same year of 1939. In 1975, the town’s charter was changed to a city. 

There is an unofficial story to how the city acquired its moniker. Before its incorporation, the land that Sugar Hill now stand on was part of a railroad route. Legend has it that when a train was transporting sugar, a massive spill occurred on a hilly area of the land. It supposedly became known as the “sugar hill” from that point on.

Today, the area that Sugar Hill encompasses is much vaster, with the city having a total of 10.63 square miles, 0.03 of which is water. As of the 2010 census, Sugar Hill reported 18,522 people, and a 2015 estimate of 21,747. The city has grown nearly nine times over since the 1980 census. It was ranked the 75th highest growing cities in the United States counting from the 2000 census. It also ranks in the top 20 in the state of Georgia.

Sugar Hill does not have its own independent school district. Instead, its public school children attend the largest school district in the state – Gwinnett County Public Schools. Within the borders of Sugar Hill, there are three public elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Private education is also present here with the Sugar Hill Christian Academy.

Business and Economy
Many of Sugar Hill’s downtown is made up of small, independently owned businesses, similar to Rivermoore Landscape Group. However, there are also corporate chain stores present here. Businesses here can have social interactions promoted by joining the Sugar Hill Business Alliance. This gives the member businesses increased exposure, and an opportunity to perform volunteer work in the community. They learn through others’ experiences via meetings and webinars. This alliance will come in handy as more companies move in with the growth of this city.

Recreation and Attractions
The Bowl in Sugar Hill, located right behind their City Hall, is a large amphitheater. Throughout the year, many concerts are put on here, and are rain or shine. There are also other community and city events that are held at this location.

Open April through October, the Splash Park is located behind The Bowl. It contains 21 zones, 42 arch nozzles, and 28 vertical nozzles. As dusk approaches, the water becomes more colorful as it is lit up with color-changing lights. There are picnic tables available to observe the fountain.
Sugar Hill Golf Club has been in operation since 1992. Their verdant course is as beautiful as it is fun to play on, the type of quality that Rivermoore Landscape Group can give you at home or at your business. It also has a pro shop, banquet hall, a driving range, practice green, and a bar and grill.