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Suwanee, like many of its counterparts in Gwinnett County, is a city that is rapidly growing. In recent years, it has won three prestigious recognitions. Money Magazine ranked it one of the Top 10 Best Places to Live in 2007, it received the third best place for raising families by Kiplinger in 2012, and Best Towns for Families by Family Circle in 2013. Over the last few years, Rivermoore Landscape Group is proud to say it has been a contributor to the aesthetic and overall property value of some of the residents and business owners here. We are glad to do our part to help advance the growth of this great city. We realize more than anyone the importance of healthy plant life to the atmosphere of the community.

What is now the city of Suwanee was originally a village occupied by the Native Americans. As the late 18th and early 19th century saw the increasing presence of the European settlers, the modern city was founded in 1837. Up until after the Civil War, however, it remained a sparsely populated agricultural community. As the Industrial Revolution progressed, the Georgia Air Line Railroad made its way to the area, boosting commerce and attracting more residents. Though it suffered a setback in the form of a fire, it eventually rebounded, though it was not officially incorporated until 1949.

Today, Suwanee is spread around a total of 11 square miles, 0.08 of which is water. However, it is in close proximity to the Chattahoochee River. Its population as of the 2010 census was 15,355, with a 2015 estimate of 18,694. It has grown over 18 times its size since the 1980 census.

Suwanee does not have its own independent school district. Its public school children attend the Gwinnett County Public Schools, the largest district in the state, with 139 total schools and nearly 180,000 students.

Higher education also has a presence in the city. A satellite campus of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine is housed here.

Business and Economy
With the pace of growth in recent decades, it is no surprise that Suwanee has become so economically diverse. There is both a significant industrial sector here, as well as commercial and retail in the downtown area. Manufacturing facilities have been increasing in number, and Suwanee also welcomes the opportunity to serve as a site location for the commercial film industry.

Of course, the residents of Suwanee are also owners of many businesses in the two downtown districts. They are also served by many service industries that come from the surrounding area, Rivermoore Landscape Group being a prime example.

Suwanee hosts a number of events during the year, but the largest and most noted is the Suwanee Fest. It is held every third weekend in September. It features amusement rides, a wide selection of food choices, live music and entertainment, a parade, as well as vendors selling their arts and crafts.

Recreation and Attractions
Suwanee has its share of city parks. The most noted is Town Center Park. This is where the city hosts many of its annual events. It is known as the “front yard” of the city. It contains an amphitheater for live entertainment, a Big Splash fountain, a wide clearing for picnicking, and three pathways for walking or bicycling. The park contains oak, sycamore, maple, and gum trees for your viewing pleasure as you make your way through.

Sims Lake Park is focused more towards passive recreation. The 62-acre park contains a seven acre lake, with meadows, a pavilion, trail, and children’s playground.