Jeremy Hage 
The pricing was very competitive and they delivered in a timely and professional manor as they said they would. Yard looks great. Good job guys!
Anastasia Petrovek 
I would highly recommend Rivermoore's Services to anyone! They are extremely professional in their field, and are always reliable when needed. I would trust them with any of my lawn work and am so pleased about how easy they are to work with whenever I need them. Also, you get a huge BANG! for your buck. Amazing results :) Thanks again!!
Connie Minton 
I have learned to be patient with landscaping services over the years especially during rainy seasons it is a universal problem with all of them that they will definitely get behind on their jobs and reading another review about calls not being returned or answered,well you have to realize that they are out working in yards not able to be on there phone and are swamped with hundreds of calls per day in peak months that is why Eric said to use the website for communicating,if he were to answer calls all day how would anything get done,you have to look at the bigger picture as I discovered Anytime I have used that method he has replied the same day.He is honest and does his best to accommodate in my opinion
janice iannarelli 
I'm always pleased with this company's service, from the first phone call and quick response to each home service. I researched many companies and still get mailings from others but I will be staying with Rivermoore.